I was born in Spokane, Washington in 1983 as the only daughter to an old-school sign painter and a speech therapist. I loved watching the care and detail my dad took in creating hand-painted signs for community businesses. I’d spend hours watching him in his shop out back as he’d take a raw piece of wood and turn it into something polished and crisp. Any time we’d drive around town we’d point out signs that were poorly designed or had spelling or grammar errors and we’d talk about what could be done to improve them. With dad’s sense of humor and Boomer upbringing, we’d watch classic Warner Brothers pen-and-ink cartoons and discuss line, shape, negative space, composition, historical context, color, and facial expressions. I spent the better part of my childhood drawing or creating just about anything that came to mind.

The years stretched on and I dabbled in various 2D media. I was commissioned to create the occasional drawing or painting for family and friends. Then one spring, my husband, Ken, and I adopted a cat named Silk from Partners for Pets, a local no-kill cat shelter. P4P holds an annual fundraiser and silent auction to support their cause so I offered to donate an original painting of one of the shelter favorites for the auction in 2015. It became a popular piece at the event! So much so that other attendees asked if I had a website where they could view my work. Having never considered taking my art professionally, no such website existed. But a seed was planted, and private commissions came trickling in.

Fast-forward to Spring 2018. I officially started my art business and dabbled between pet portraits, illustrations, graphic design, and fine art. But after much consideration, I finally landed on fine art as the primary genre of focus in my business. The primary vehicle of my work is commissions of a variety of subject matter, but the most popular is portraits of beloved family pets.

I resides in Spokane Valley with my husband, daughter aged three and half, newborn baby girl, and two cats.